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5 Illegal Drugs to Avoid


A variety of illegal drugs have brandished places of parties and celebrations.  Some of these drugs can easily be identified because they have existed and ruined lives for a long time. Others popped up just recently that they could be mistaken as ordinary medicines.

Here is a list of illegal drugs to avoid and their effects:


This drug is taken by smoking or swallowing.  Its acute effects include distorted sensory perception, impaired balance and coordination, panic attacks and psychosis.  There are some states in the US and other countries however that has legalized marijuana because of its medical benefits.  Yet, you can still get these benefits from other prescriptions.  Always think of the long term effects of marijuana.


Administered through injection, smoking or snorting, this illegal drug can cause dizziness, confusion, sedation and arrested breathing.


This kind of stimulant can increase heart rate, feeling of exhilaration, mental alertness, paranoia and psychosis.  It can be taken by snorting, smoking or injection.

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or Ecstasy

This club drug is administered through swallowing, snorting or injection.  Its acute effects include increased tactile sensitivity, emphatic feelings, anxiety and muscle cramping.  This drug is common in parties and concerts.

PCP and Analogs or Angel Dust

Classified under dissociative drugs, angel dust can cause insensitivity, psychosis, aggression, slurred speech and hallucinations.  It can be smoked, swallowed or injected.

The risks of taking these illegal drugs are not only limited to what is mentioned above.  It has other effects and health risks that can even cause death to the user.

3 Ways Drugs Will Ruin Your Life


All bad habits have negative effects in every human being.  The worst habit would be getting into illegal drugs.  Most people resort into drugs because of the belief that it’s an easy way out, an escape from all the hassles of life.

Listed below are ways how drugs can ruin your life.

It is harmful to your health.

The health risks linked with drug addiction range from ordinary headache to death.  All your organs are affected once you get dragged into it.  Your immunity weakens and absorption of nutrients is reduced, making you susceptible to diseases.  Your brain will no longer function normally and eventually you will have difficulty to focus, learn and recall.

Drug addiction is hazardous to your emotional health.

Drug addiction does not only affect you physically but also emotionally.  It can cause stress, anxiety and depression.  It also impairs your perception of everything.  When you become emotionally troubled, your physical state is also compromised.

It affects your social life.

Since illegal drugs affect your mental and emotional state, you become withdrawn to everything.  You become aloof and distant to your family and friends. You would rather be alone than be with the people you love.