3 Addictive Drugs to Avoid

Illicit drugs are controlled substances because of their t endency to be abused. If these substances are used beyond their required  therapeautic  requirement then it is considered drug abuse which will later on develops into dependency.

Here are  the three examples of  these controlled drugs:


Commonly known as “crystal methor shabu. This substance diminishes appetite which causes weight lost, keeps the user active by keeping them awake and it keeps the abuser happy and elated.


Cocaine affects the brain by acting as a stimulant. It increases the energy level by extreme euphoria and keeps the user always “on the go”. As a Results of the heightened energy, it causes high blood pressure, above normal temperature and rapit heartbeat.


Lysergic acid diethylamine  or LSD distorts reception and judgement. It is also causes irritation and impared thinking abilities.

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