Say No to Drugs

Problems, peer pressure and curiosity are some reasons why people resort to illegal drugs.  The misconception of drugs being helpful in overcoming problems and the trying-to-fit-in attitude become the main reasons of young people why they get involved in it.

If you are a parent or a concerned citizen who wants to change this delusion, how would you convince a teen or even a drug user to say no to drugs?

Illegal drugs are not good for anyone especially for kids and teens whose body are still developing.  They can cause significant damage to the brain, heart and other important organs of the body or even can cause death when taken in excessive amount.  These drugs can also affect your physical and mental ability.

In some instances, because of the effects in the user’s internal organs, he becomes physically incapacitated.  Most of the time, his ability to think become so much affected that he could no longer identify the difference between good and evil.  This is why users become criminals.

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